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"sooner or later".. this had to be done, the english explanation in below.
Estaba viendo la nueva serie de Netflix "las leyendas" y como toda persona que crecio con estas pelis, me pregunte donde estaba Xochitl, aun espero que aparezca en una segunda temporada, no he llegado al final pero con la serie de los desafortunados y la de 13 razones porqué, estoy empezando a notar que a Netflix le gusta tener sus finales abiertos en las primeras temporadas, pero comí ansias y decidí dibujarla en estilo de la serie.

notas sobre su diseño.
-tiene manos, solo que sus mangas son muy largas, para que se vea mas fantasmagórica ... y mas tierna.
-su paleta de colores fue cambiada a algo parecido a los tonos pastel de la serie.
-en la tercera película tenia algo parecido a poderes de fuego, así que le di poderes de fuego 
-cambie sus aretes dorados a los aretes morados de la primera peli, pero con detalles dorados.
-depende de donde este mirando, una parte de su pelo desafia la logica de su bandana, a menos que sea de espaldas.


I'm starting to watch the Netflix new animated series, "Legend Quest", because is the first Netflix Series animated in Latin America :happybounce: , however this series is actually a spin off / alternative storyline from a series of mexican movies, "The legend of the Nahuala" . "The legend of the Llorona" , "The Legend of mummies of Guanajuato" and "the legend of the Chupacabras", the movies are not that good in my opinion but  now I'm rambling.

This little girl is Xochitl, she was Leo's love interest in the first movie and was the female lead aswell, but has been kind of neglected by the franchise, so I tried to draw her in the series Style  ... I still hope she appears in second season if there is one.

Design notes-
She does has hands but her sleeves are too long, to make her look more like a ghost... and also cuter.
-her color palette was modified to match the pastel color of the other characters.
-in the third movie he had fire like powers, so I gave her fire powers.
-her earrings in recent movies are made of gold, in the original movie she had purple ones, now she wears purple earrings with golden details.
-depending of where she is looking, a part of her hair does not look tied to the bandana she is wearing, unless is her back.
Disney rivals
Yandere simulator characters dressed as Disney girls

Osana is Megara, Amai is Snowhite, Kizana is Georgette , Oka is Sally, Asu is Jessie, Muja is Giselle, Mida is Jessica Rabbit, Osoro is Helga from Atlantis, Hanako is Anna from Frozen, Megami is Captain Amelia from treasure planet, and Ayano is both Ariel and Vanessa (Ursula).

I wanted to practice disney style and ended with mixed results Sweating a little... 
Carrie White
I dont know what I did to the backgrownd, but at leats I did it.

Fanart from Steven King's Carrie. the context is that she is walking in the city causing fires and explotions behind her , is the scene I remember the most from the book but I drew the Carrie from the movie for fun ;p .
I'm sorry for doing this so late ;.;

I was tagged Nurrisoir

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1. Do you prefer drawing original work or fanart?
Both but I feel mor confident showing fanart

2. What music genre do you like best?
Songs from musicals are really good to drawing emotions ,Disney song...wich is the same but in animated movies and pop...sometimes,  but I like mostly whatever I find on the Inernet :)

3. If you could live in any fictional universe, which would it be? 
Adventure time, it's awesome 

4. What inspired you to start drawing?
My sister 

5. Describe your fashion sense.
Some t-shirt or blouse , jeans and my most confortable shoes at the moment

6. What do you do/want to do for a living?
Something that makes me happy :)

7. Other than art-related things, what other talents do you have?
I can bend my thumbs to the point that look broken :D

8. Introvert or extrovert?

9. Optimist or pessimist?

10: In your opinion, what is your best and worst physical feature?
My face? and my stomach

11. What are some bad habits that annoy you?
I'm distacted very easely  

12. What is your attitude towards people who have an entirely different religion?
Indiferent? is not like they care about my religion 

13. If you could go back in time to change one thing in your life, what would it be?
I'm not going to say that

I tag no one because I'm already late ;.;


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hi, I like drawing


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