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Snuff out the light
I like both Halloween and  The Day of The Death... but I don't really celebrate Halloween ,even though I love the feeling it gives to October , and Drawing Catrinas aka Sugar Skulls is fun.
this was suposed to be Oka Ruto by the way Sweating a little... 
Sorry for the background I tried my best.

Also is inspired by this song…
A weird Fanart
I watched the movie Atomic Blonde the other day, and I wanted to draw some characters designs inspired on the clothes of the movie, but the first characters I thought were my favorite trio: the young adults book trio.

I did not realize at the moment, but the background looks like the suicide squad. I'm ashamed Dead (RIP) .
Bliss Z
Sending her where she belongs : Anime.

But actually I think she could fir better in the anime than the new show, her backstory could make more sense.

Somenthing like, she was one of Professors Utoniom's old students at university  and she came when the Professor was trying to  transform the evil chermical z into good chermical z, but there was an accident, making her an unestable powerpuff girl. if the Chermical Z in her gets to close to be Evil again she could transform into an Monster like the villains, that's what I mean with unestable by the way.

Her dark side name is "Her" , and I mean she would be an unestable powerpuff girl, it would be cool if ther dark side was a female HIM, and would reference to the episode.
Also in the Ppg z universe The Bunny problem would not exist because Bunny/Duchess is a jerk with a super-costume not a legitimate powerpuff girl. 
I'm sorry for doing this so late ;.;

I was tagged Nurrisoir

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1. Do you prefer drawing original work or fanart?
Both but I feel mor confident showing fanart

2. What music genre do you like best?
Songs from musicals are really good to drawing emotions ,Disney song...wich is the same but in animated movies and pop...sometimes,  but I like mostly whatever I find on the Inernet :)

3. If you could live in any fictional universe, which would it be? 
Adventure time, it's awesome 

4. What inspired you to start drawing?
My sister 

5. Describe your fashion sense.
Some t-shirt or blouse , jeans and my most confortable shoes at the moment

6. What do you do/want to do for a living?
Something that makes me happy :)

7. Other than art-related things, what other talents do you have?
I can bend my thumbs to the point that look broken :D

8. Introvert or extrovert?

9. Optimist or pessimist?

10: In your opinion, what is your best and worst physical feature?
My face? and my stomach

11. What are some bad habits that annoy you?
I'm distacted very easely  

12. What is your attitude towards people who have an entirely different religion?
Indiferent? is not like they care about my religion 

13. If you could go back in time to change one thing in your life, what would it be?
I'm not going to say that

I tag no one because I'm already late ;.;


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hi, I like drawing


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( i've done their move myself xDDD )

thannkkss '^' ! (but yan dev have changed the story since i've done it ;w; !)

wich page do you prefer x3 ?
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besides fights, I loved the ones with the info-chibis :3
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